The best teams of IYMC 2023 are ZŠ Sokolíkova and Šamorín

The premiere edition of the International Youth Minifootball Championship (IYMC) is successfully over.

It started with an ambitious idea in the minds of some officials who said that the youth are often forgotten and in the pressure of big international tournaments for adults, the younger years lack the opportunity to confront them.

The idea turned into a plan and the plan finally turned into a very nice multi-day event in Bratislava (Slovakia), where 14 teams in three different age categories U11, U13 and U15 competed.

The boys showed great performances, there were some wonderful goals, as well as defensive saves and goalkeeper saves. We saw clear matches, but also exciting fights until the last moment or penalty shootouts.

We would also like to thank the Indian team very much for choosing to come, represent their country and participate in the tournament. For the younger generations, as well as being a football competition, it is also a cross-cultural learning experience and an interesting experience of interacting with other teams.

In the top U15 category, Team India almost pulled off a huge surprise by making it to the final after a successful 1-0 semi-final result. However, as expected, the stronger Šamorín team dominated there. Nevertheless, it was a great culmination of the tournament with a perfect atmosphere.

We believe that the idea of this tournament will continue. Proof that this is the right direction were the jersey exchanges and the never-ending photo shoot of the players on the field after the tournament. Therefore, we are already looking forward to the next edition of IYMC 2024.



🥇 ZŠ Rovinka
🥈 ZŠ M. Bela, Šamorín
🥉 ZŠ Sokolíkova
Best players of team India: Aditya Sarvaiya, Mantra Vasani, Kavin


🥇 ZŠ Sokolíkova
🥈 ZŠ M. Bela, Šamorín
🥉 Cambridge International School
Best players of team India: Aarav Sejwal, Harvijaysinh Jadeja, Rajat Jagtap


🥇 ZŠ M. Bela, Šamorín
🥈 Minifootball Association of India
🥉 ZŠ Sokolíkova
Best players of team India: Rehaan, Anirudh, Bhuvan Patro

Relive the atmosphere of Slovak Youth Championship through our aftermovie

The Slovak Youth Minifootball Championships Tournament was a remarkable event that left a lasting impression on all participants. The atmosphere was nothing short of electric, radiating excitement and enthusiasm throughout the day. From the moment the tournament kicked off, it was evident that this would be a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Teams from various regions of Slovakia gathered with great anticipation, ready to showcase their skills and compete for the coveted championship title. The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed by the young players were truly inspiring. The tournament provided a platform for these budding athletes to shine, and they seized the opportunity with passion and determination.

The day was filled with outstanding performances that kept the spectators on the edge of their seats. The players exhibited exceptional technical abilities, agility, and teamwork, captivating the crowd with their skillful maneuvers and strategic plays. The level of competition was intense, yet the spirit of fair play prevailed throughout the tournament. It was a testament to the dedication and training that these young players had invested in their craft.

In the end, as the final whistle blew, the sense of accomplishment and joy was palpable among the participants. It was a day that will be forever etched in their memories, a day that celebrated the talent and passion for minifootball among Slovak youth. The tournament not only showcased the incredible skills of the players but also fostered an environment of camaraderie, friendship, and mutual respect. Undoubtedly, this event will continue to inspire and motivate young minifootball players in Slovakia for years to come.

The Role of Minifootball in Youth Development: Building Skills and Character

Minifootball, a fast-paced and dynamic sport played in smaller teams, holds immense potential for shaping the holistic development of young players. Beyond the thrill of the game, minifootball provides a platform for youth to acquire valuable skills and develop essential character traits.

From physical fitness to teamwork, leadership skills to discipline, and sportsmanship to personal growth, the impact of minifootball on youth development is undeniable.

In this article, we will explore how minifootball contributes to the comprehensive growth of young players and why it serves as an ideal sport for fostering both skills and character.

Physical Fitness and Health

Engaging in minifootball offers numerous physical health benefits to young players. The sport involves continuous movement, running, and changes of direction, which helps develop cardiovascular endurance, agility, and overall fitness.

Regular participation in minifootball helps youngsters maintain a healthy weight, build strength, and improve their coordination. By instilling a habit of physical activity from an early age, minifootball plays a pivotal role in fostering a lifelong commitment to staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Minifootball is a team sport that places a strong emphasis on cooperation and collaboration. Young players learn the value of working together towards a common goal, understanding their roles within the team, and communicating effectively with their teammates.

Through minifootball, youngsters develop vital teamwork skills such as coordination, trust, and effective communication, which are essential not only on the field but also in various aspects of life, including academics and future careers.

Leadership Skills and Decision-Making

Participating in minifootball provides young players with opportunities to develop leadership skills and decision-making abilities. As players progress in the sport, they may find themselves taking on leadership roles within their team, where they learn to make quick and informed decisions under pressure.

Minifootball helps cultivate qualities such as problem-solving, strategic thinking, and adaptability, which are crucial for young individuals as they navigate the challenges and complexities of the world.

Discipline and Sportsmanship

Minifootball instills discipline and sportsmanship in young players, teaching them the importance of fair play, respect, and ethical behavior. Through adherence to rules and regulations, players learn self-discipline and develop a sense of responsibility towards themselves and their teammates.

They understand the significance of treating opponents, referees, and fellow players with respect, showcasing good sportsmanship both in victory and defeat. These qualities learned on the minifootball field translate into everyday life, shaping the character and values of young individuals.

Minifootball goes beyond being a sport of kicks and goals – it serves as a powerful catalyst for the holistic development of young players. By promoting physical fitness, fostering teamwork and collaboration, nurturing leadership skills, and instilling discipline and sportsmanship, minifootball creates a nurturing environment for young individuals to grow and flourish. As we witness the positive impact of minifootball on youth development, it becomes clear that this exhilarating sport is more than just a game; it is a valuable tool for shaping the future generation, building skills, and nurturing character.

We know the youth Slovak minifootball champions

On Friday, June 2, the Youth Slovak minifootball championships took place in Banská Bystrica. At the Youth Slovak minifootball championships, 51 teams and more than 700 children played in 106 matches in four categories. The U8, U10, U13 and U15 categories fought for the title.

U8: In the youngest category the title stayed in Banská Bystrica

In the youngest category, children from two schools in Banská Bystrica and one each from Prešov and Sereď fought for medals. In the first semi-final the pupils of ZŠ Šrobárová from Prešov and ZŠ Spojová from Banská Bystrica faced each other. The pupils from the ZŠ Spojová in Banská Bystrica advanced to the final, winning 3:0. In the semi-final number two the pupils of ZŠ Moskovská from Banská Bystrica and ZŠ Juraja Fándlyho from Sereď met. Only one goal was scored in the match and it was scored by the children from Sereď, who became the second finalist. In the fight for bronze, the ZŠ Šrobárova in Prešov and the ZŠ Moskovská in Banská Bystrica were the runners-up. The bronze medals were finally won by the ZŠ Moskovská Banská Bystrica after a 1:0 victory. In the final match between Banská Bystrica’s ZŠ Spojová and Sereď’s ZŠ Juraja Fándlyho, the match ended in a tie in regulation time. The winner of the U8 category was decided by penalty kicks. They were successfully managed by the ZŠ Spojová from Banská Bystrica, who became the Slovak minifootball champions in the U8 category.

U10 category title goes to Bratislava

The semi-finals in the U10 category were fought by the Tulipánová Nitra Elementary School, which met in the battle for the finals with the Samorin Elementary School Matej Bel. The first semi-final was better managed by the pupils of Tulipánová Elementary School from Nitra, who won 2:0. The second semi-final was a matter of two Bratislava Elementary schools. Sokolíkova Elementary School fought against Sibírská Elementary School. In the second semi-final, the pupils of Sokolíkova Elementary School were delighted to advance, winning 3:0. In the fight for the third place the pupils of the Matej Bel Elementary School in Samorin met against the Sibírská Elementary School in Bratislava. The bronze was finally won by the pupils from the Matej Bel Elementary School in Samorin, who won 2:0. In the final between Tulipánová Elementary School from Nitra and Sokolíková Elementary School Bratislava there was also a tie in regular time. The 0:0 result was followed by penalty kicks. They decided that the Slovak champion in children’s minifootball became the children from the Sokolíkova Elementary School in Bratislava.

U13 category was dominated by Nitra boys

In the first semi-finals game the Elementary School Pohraničná Komárno met with the CZŠ St. Cyril and Methodius Sereď. The semi-final was clearly dominated by the pupils from Komárno, when they won 3:0. In the second semi-final, Sokolíkova Elementary School Bratislava and Tulipánová Elementary School Nitra met. After a 1:1 result, penalty kicks had to decide who would advance to the final. They decided that Tulipánová Nitra Elementary School will play in the final. In the fight for bronze, CZŠ St. Cyril and Methodius Sereď met against the Sokolíkova Elementary School Bratislava. In regular time the bronze medal match ended 2:2 and the bronze medal was decided by penalty kicks. They were better handled by the team of Sokolíkova Bratisalva Elementary School. In the final, the title was contested by the Pohraničná Komárno Elementary School and the Tulipánová Nitra Elementary School. The final match was decided by a single goal and it was scored by the player from Tulipánová Elementary School in Nitra, who became the Slovak minifootball champions in the U13 category.

In the oldest U15 category, the title stayed for the home primary school

In the first semi-final of the U15 category, the pupils of Mirko Nešpora Elementary School from Prešov and Munka utcai Alapiskola from Komárno met. In a dramatic semi-final, which ended 0:0, the finalist was decided only by penalty point shots. The team of Munka utcai Alapiskola from Komárno managed them better. In the second semi-final, Tomášov Elementary School met Moskovská Banská Bystrica Elementary School. After winning 1:0, the happy players from Banská Bystrica advanced to the final. In the fight for bronze between the Prešov Elementary School Mirko Nešpor and the Tomášov Elementary School, the team from the Tomášov Elementary School were the winners. In the final between Munka utcai Alapiskola from Komárno and Moskovská Elementary School from Banská Bystrica, no goal was scored in regular time and so a penalty shootout drama ensued. The pupils from the Moskovská Elementary School in Banská Bystrica managed it better in the end and thus dominated the U15 category and became the Slovak minifootball champions in this age category.

Team India: Youth is the base of the future

What does your federation do for the youth in your country?

Youth is the base of the future. Minifootball India has given importance for youth and grassroot minifootball development. As a part of this, every year we have National Championship for U10, U12, U14 and U16 years kids to promote Minifootball in youth.

Unfortunately our kids were not getting international platform to present their talent, but we would like to thank our dear Vice President Mr. Vitthal Shirgaonkar together with Mr. Peter Kralik (WMF Vice President – Europe) and Mr. Kevin (WMF EC member), that they initiated this youth development and special thanks to Slovak Minifootball Association (SZMF) as they are supporting this initiative to provide a platform for youth at international level.

How many players and what age will you bring with you?

Minifootball Association of India is bringing 3 teams U11, U13 and U15, so together approximately 40-45 athletes and officials. This initiative has been appreciated by many parents and they are willing to travel to see their child playing at international level.

What brings you to our minifootball tournament in Slovakia and what do you hope to achieve while you’re here?

Excitement to represent India in an International minifootball tournament. Dream to win youth title for our nation, spirit of fair play, true sportsmanship and international friendship is what brings us to minifootball tournament in Slovakia.

And of course the hopes to achieve success while our team will be in Slovakia.

What is your experience with minifootball and have you ever participated in or organized a similar tournament before?

Minifootball is something that is made for amateur football players to achieve their dreams to represent their country on an international platform. It is a rapidly growing sport and easily accessible due to its compact format. Our team has participated in all competitions organised by WMF at international level. 

How do you see minifootball evolving in the future and what role do you think tournaments like this will play in its development?

As we already mentioned, minifootball is a rapidly growing sport around the world. It’s becoming popular in India due to the reduced size of the pitch and fast format. In India cricket is very famous and Gully Cricket is a form of cricket played more than regular cricket. Minifootball is similar to Gully Football (means football can be played anywhere) and the tournament like this is promoting and helping young athletes to target their dream to represent themselves at international level.

What are your impressions of Slovakia as a country, its people, culture, and hospitality?

This is what we will love to answer on our last day in Bratislava. But we have heard about the EMF Euro which was one of the best minifootball tournaments in history of the sport. Hence our athletes are expecting the same impression and hospitality.

Are you curious about our cuisine, what do you think is our national food or what it contains and will you bring something special for your cousine?

As the entire world is aware, India is known for its variety of cuisines and especially spices. Hence our team is more curious about slovak cousines, how it will be prepared and importantly will it taste like Indian food or not. Our mens and U23 teams have already traveled for the World Cup in Europe, as Slovakia is a european country we can expect some type of similarity. but still our team would love to taste the traditional food of Slovakia and definitely we will bring some ready to eat food and spices so our team can ask for some type of indian preparation in Bratislava.

What advice do you have for organizers of future minifootball tournaments and what lessons have you learned from your own experiences?

To take care of athletes at its best, taking care of events from all perspectives such as accommodation, food, local assistance and fair competition is the key for success.

We hope these standards will be followed in every minifootball competition. 

What are your thoughts on the importance of sports and sporting events in bringing people and communities together, particularly in a global context?

Sports events at international level always give the best way to exchange cultures from different nations, friendship which is beyond the sports and the best part allows the world to gather at one place.

Finally, what are your hopes and expectations for the future of the world of minifootball and how do you see it evolving over the coming years?

Minifootball has a great future. The scope and the base are the amateur players that are big in numbers. The small and fast format is the strength of minifootball which will be the key behind its success.

What is IYMC?

International Youth Minifootball Championship held in Bratislava, Slovakia on June 20th and 21st, 2023. The tournament will feature young players from 6 countries, namely the USA, India, and Slovakia confirmed their participation and we still discuss the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria, and will have categories for children under 11, 13, and 15, and women under 23.

The tournament will be held at Hotel Nivy (***) which is a nice hotel with a kids pool, swimming pool, and SPA. The hotel is within walking distance from the event venue and is often used by sports teams during training camps and international events.

The tournament organization will include a premium look-alike of the pitches, trophies, music and DJ, livestreaming of all matches, photos from every match, video, and water/fruits for the players. There will also be training sessions and sightseeing in Bratislava on June 19th, and the tournament will take place on June 20th and 21st. The proposed itinerary includes sightseeing and check out on June 22nd or 23rd.

Participating in sports is beneficial for young people in a number of ways. Physical activity is essential for maintaining good health, and sports provide a fun and engaging way for kids to get the exercise they need. In addition to promoting physical well-being, sports can also help kids develop important life skills like teamwork, communication, and perseverance. These skills can be invaluable in other areas of life, such as school, work, and personal relationships.

International sporting events, like the International Youth Minifootball Championship, offer young athletes the opportunity to experience different cultures, meet new people, and test their skills against competitors from around the world. These events can be incredibly inspiring for young people, as they get to see firsthand what they can achieve through hard work and dedication. Participating in an international event can also help young athletes develop a sense of pride and identity, both as individuals and as representatives of their country or team.

Furthermore, international events provide a unique opportunity for young people to learn about and appreciate different cultures. They get to interact with people from different backgrounds and learn about different customs, traditions, and ways of life. This exposure can help young people develop greater empathy, understanding, and respect for others, which are important qualities for living in a diverse and interconnected world.

Overall, sports and international events can have a profound impact on the development and growth of young people. They can help foster physical, emotional, and social well-being, while also promoting cultural exchange and global understanding. The International Youth Minifootball Championship offers young athletes a chance to experience all of these benefits, while also showcasing their skills and representing their countries on a global stage. IYMC also seems like an exciting event for young football players and their families, offering competitive play and a chance to explore the beautiful city of Bratislava.

Interview with Peter Králik, president of the Slovak minifootball association

Can you tell us why you are organizing this event in 2023?

The Slovak Small Football Association has been organizing international events since 2010, but mostly for the main categories – men or U23. In 2023, we decided to expand by organizing an international event for our youngest categories and inviting teams from three continents. This is a natural outcome of our activity, as we have been organizing competitions for our youngest categories in Slovakia since 2016.

Which teams will participate in the event?

Teams from the USA and India have already confirmed their participation. We are currently working on securing teams from Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, and England.

How does the SSFA work with youth?

The Slovak Small Football Association has organized competitions for U8, U10, U12, and U15 categories in 16 Slovak cities, with over 90 teams. The best teams regularly compete at the Slovak Championships. In addition, we also work with the U18 category in the Bratislava and Banská Bystrica regions, with over 70 teams.

Who will represent the Slovak teams?

The winners of the Slovak Championships in the U13 and U15 categories will participate. In the women’s category, the winner of the women’s super league will participate.