What is IYMC?

International Youth Minifootball Championship held in Bratislava, Slovakia on June 20th and 21st, 2023. The tournament will feature young players from 6 countries, namely the USA, India, and Slovakia confirmed their participation and we still discuss the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria, and will have categories for children under 11, 13, and 15, and women under 23.

The tournament will be held at Hotel Nivy (***) which is a nice hotel with a kids pool, swimming pool, and SPA. The hotel is within walking distance from the event venue and is often used by sports teams during training camps and international events.

The tournament organization will include a premium look-alike of the pitches, trophies, music and DJ, livestreaming of all matches, photos from every match, video, and water/fruits for the players. There will also be training sessions and sightseeing in Bratislava on June 19th, and the tournament will take place on June 20th and 21st. The proposed itinerary includes sightseeing and check out on June 22nd or 23rd.

Participating in sports is beneficial for young people in a number of ways. Physical activity is essential for maintaining good health, and sports provide a fun and engaging way for kids to get the exercise they need. In addition to promoting physical well-being, sports can also help kids develop important life skills like teamwork, communication, and perseverance. These skills can be invaluable in other areas of life, such as school, work, and personal relationships.

International sporting events, like the International Youth Minifootball Championship, offer young athletes the opportunity to experience different cultures, meet new people, and test their skills against competitors from around the world. These events can be incredibly inspiring for young people, as they get to see firsthand what they can achieve through hard work and dedication. Participating in an international event can also help young athletes develop a sense of pride and identity, both as individuals and as representatives of their country or team.

Furthermore, international events provide a unique opportunity for young people to learn about and appreciate different cultures. They get to interact with people from different backgrounds and learn about different customs, traditions, and ways of life. This exposure can help young people develop greater empathy, understanding, and respect for others, which are important qualities for living in a diverse and interconnected world.

Overall, sports and international events can have a profound impact on the development and growth of young people. They can help foster physical, emotional, and social well-being, while also promoting cultural exchange and global understanding. The International Youth Minifootball Championship offers young athletes a chance to experience all of these benefits, while also showcasing their skills and representing their countries on a global stage. IYMC also seems like an exciting event for young football players and their families, offering competitive play and a chance to explore the beautiful city of Bratislava.

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