We know the youth Slovak minifootball champions

On Friday, June 2, the Youth Slovak minifootball championships took place in Banská Bystrica. At the Youth Slovak minifootball championships, 51 teams and more than 700 children played in 106 matches in four categories. The U8, U10, U13 and U15 categories fought for the title.

U8: In the youngest category the title stayed in Banská Bystrica

In the youngest category, children from two schools in Banská Bystrica and one each from Prešov and Sereď fought for medals. In the first semi-final the pupils of ZŠ Šrobárová from Prešov and ZŠ Spojová from Banská Bystrica faced each other. The pupils from the ZŠ Spojová in Banská Bystrica advanced to the final, winning 3:0. In the semi-final number two the pupils of ZŠ Moskovská from Banská Bystrica and ZŠ Juraja Fándlyho from Sereď met. Only one goal was scored in the match and it was scored by the children from Sereď, who became the second finalist. In the fight for bronze, the ZŠ Šrobárova in Prešov and the ZŠ Moskovská in Banská Bystrica were the runners-up. The bronze medals were finally won by the ZŠ Moskovská Banská Bystrica after a 1:0 victory. In the final match between Banská Bystrica’s ZŠ Spojová and Sereď’s ZŠ Juraja Fándlyho, the match ended in a tie in regulation time. The winner of the U8 category was decided by penalty kicks. They were successfully managed by the ZŠ Spojová from Banská Bystrica, who became the Slovak minifootball champions in the U8 category.

U10 category title goes to Bratislava

The semi-finals in the U10 category were fought by the Tulipánová Nitra Elementary School, which met in the battle for the finals with the Samorin Elementary School Matej Bel. The first semi-final was better managed by the pupils of Tulipánová Elementary School from Nitra, who won 2:0. The second semi-final was a matter of two Bratislava Elementary schools. Sokolíkova Elementary School fought against Sibírská Elementary School. In the second semi-final, the pupils of Sokolíkova Elementary School were delighted to advance, winning 3:0. In the fight for the third place the pupils of the Matej Bel Elementary School in Samorin met against the Sibírská Elementary School in Bratislava. The bronze was finally won by the pupils from the Matej Bel Elementary School in Samorin, who won 2:0. In the final between Tulipánová Elementary School from Nitra and Sokolíková Elementary School Bratislava there was also a tie in regular time. The 0:0 result was followed by penalty kicks. They decided that the Slovak champion in children’s minifootball became the children from the Sokolíkova Elementary School in Bratislava.

U13 category was dominated by Nitra boys

In the first semi-finals game the Elementary School Pohraničná Komárno met with the CZŠ St. Cyril and Methodius Sereď. The semi-final was clearly dominated by the pupils from Komárno, when they won 3:0. In the second semi-final, Sokolíkova Elementary School Bratislava and Tulipánová Elementary School Nitra met. After a 1:1 result, penalty kicks had to decide who would advance to the final. They decided that Tulipánová Nitra Elementary School will play in the final. In the fight for bronze, CZŠ St. Cyril and Methodius Sereď met against the Sokolíkova Elementary School Bratislava. In regular time the bronze medal match ended 2:2 and the bronze medal was decided by penalty kicks. They were better handled by the team of Sokolíkova Bratisalva Elementary School. In the final, the title was contested by the Pohraničná Komárno Elementary School and the Tulipánová Nitra Elementary School. The final match was decided by a single goal and it was scored by the player from Tulipánová Elementary School in Nitra, who became the Slovak minifootball champions in the U13 category.

In the oldest U15 category, the title stayed for the home primary school

In the first semi-final of the U15 category, the pupils of Mirko Nešpora Elementary School from Prešov and Munka utcai Alapiskola from Komárno met. In a dramatic semi-final, which ended 0:0, the finalist was decided only by penalty point shots. The team of Munka utcai Alapiskola from Komárno managed them better. In the second semi-final, Tomášov Elementary School met Moskovská Banská Bystrica Elementary School. After winning 1:0, the happy players from Banská Bystrica advanced to the final. In the fight for bronze between the Prešov Elementary School Mirko Nešpor and the Tomášov Elementary School, the team from the Tomášov Elementary School were the winners. In the final between Munka utcai Alapiskola from Komárno and Moskovská Elementary School from Banská Bystrica, no goal was scored in regular time and so a penalty shootout drama ensued. The pupils from the Moskovská Elementary School in Banská Bystrica managed it better in the end and thus dominated the U15 category and became the Slovak minifootball champions in this age category.

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